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We hope you LOVE the heart & soul behind every piece we create. When your problems are met with the BEST quality Solutions, YOU get to spend more time with your BABY!! Welcome to the #PETREVFAMILY! <3

PETREV Happenings!


LOVE is in the air!! 🥰💖😍

Who's ready for our NEW "FLAVOR OF THE MONTH"?!! 😁

Each month we will highlight a special FLEECE Print with very special pricing!! 🤩🥳 Be on the lookout for special goodies to coordinate! 😚

February is ALL about your Love Muffin!! 😻🙌 Shower them with true Organic rose petals and fresh cozy & fun fleece! Lots of new accessories to pick from, create your perfect Setup with our NEW Modern Hearts Print!! 💛🧡❤️💜💙

Releasing TOMORROW! 🥰🥳🙌


Pet Revolution is aiding the Global Craft Guild to make MUCH needed Pouches for these precious babies!

Your DONATION goes towards raising funds for shipping, along with a Pouch to be crafted & donated on your behalf.

Thank you for helping! <3

New BUNDLES Coming Soon!!

Be on the lookout for our new Bundles releasing this week! NEW Fleece Prints paired with our colored Ledges & Wheels and our exclusive Scatter Guards!


Blog Coming Soon!!

Care, tips, tricks, interviews with amazing people and maybe even the occasional rant!

AND we have SO many exciting things to share with you about our Journey!

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