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WHISPER WHEEL™ by Pet Revolution | 16" x 5" | Silent Chinchilla Wheel | Rat Wheel | Degu Wheel-PET REVOLUTION
WHISPER WHEEL™ by Pet Revolution | 16" x 5" | Silent Chinchilla Wheel | Rat Wheel | Degu Wheel-PET REVOLUTION
WHISPER WHEEL™ by Pet Revolution | 16" x 5" | Silent Chinchilla Wheel | Rat Wheel | Degu Wheel-PET REVOLUTION
WHISPER WHEEL™ by Pet Revolution | 16" x 5" | Silent Chinchilla Wheel | Rat Wheel | Degu Wheel-PET REVOLUTION
WHISPER WHEEL™ by Pet Revolution | 16" x 5" | Silent Chinchilla Wheel | Rat Wheel | Degu Wheel-PET REVOLUTION

WHISPER WHEEL™ by Pet Revolution | 16" x 5" | Silent Chinchilla Wheel | Rat Wheel | Degu Wheel

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We are proud to announce our new 16" x 5" Pet Revolution® WHISPER WHEELS™!

Whisper Silent | 5" Running Width | Grip Track (under 1/8" tall!) | Easy Clean metal | Lightweight | Stabilizing Backplate | Beautiful Colors & Design

16" IDEAL FOR: Chinchillas, Rats, Prairie Dogs, large Hedgehogs & Squirrels!

ALL 16" Whisper Wheels have NEW Grip track with raised humps!


Pet Revolution® WHISPER WHEEL™ details:

NEW improved Design | Easy Clean metal | NEW Stabilizing Backplate | Whisper Silent | 5" Running Width | Grip Track (under 1/8" tall!)


1. Size: Wheel is 16" diameter with a running track of 5". The 16" diameter is needed for the safety and health of their spines while running, for optimum outstretch like in nature. If you have a chinchilla, we do NOT recommend any wheel under 16" for this very reason. We also do not recommend a wheel for any chinchilla under 6 months of age.

2. The pan is made from anodized Aluminum. It is safe if your animal tries to chew it, unlike plastic. We have found that they may try to chew it once, then after no luck will give up on attempting to chew on it again. That is the beauty of a metal wheel vs plastic. Plastic wheels are extremely dangerous and toxic to chewing small animals and can lead to a Vet visit for internal blockages or death. We do not recommend any plastic in cages! 

3. High quality Safe-Coat anodized aluminum alloy for easy cleaning. Will not rust or corrode. Lightweight and the strongest aluminum on the market. Rounded edges, so no chin can injure themselves on sharp edges.

The Safe-Coat anodizing process safely seals the aluminum and is easy to clean and will NEVER rust. 

This material stays cool, as chins are prone to overheating, these are a great addition to every cage!

4. Has the minimal amount of space between the cage and wheel (0.75"), so animals can not get stuck back there and the wheel does not droop.

5. Was designed as lightweight as possible. We have the lightest wheel on the market. This is important as some wheels are too heavy and break cage welds.

6. Our design is built with strength and stability. Our wheel does not droop or lag. That can cause your pet to fall off the wheel while running.

7. Our bearing mechanism does NOT require any additional tightening or loosening of bolts. Your wheel comes fully assembled and ready to go. Your wheel is free spinning from the get go. Free spinning is what any pet would need to not injure themselves and to run properly and naturally. 

8. Our bearing system is what makes our wheel truly SILENT. We only use Top of the Line ABEC-7 bearings, which are whisper silent and FREE SPINNING. These bearings are meant for high speed/High RPM applications, so they will last years.

9. You will not need to buy additional bearings for this wheel, it is completely MAINTENANCE FREE.

In our Wheel design, we only use the BEST components, no matter the cost. We do not cut any corners, when it comes to the safety of your pets. Every wheel is handmade in house with precision drilling and assembly. Each and every order gets the care and attention to detail it deserves.

Every wheel comes with a special treats for your furbaby! :D <3




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Robert H.
Update: mental health benefits?

I previously reviewed the 16 x 5 ribbed wheel which is awesome. This is the old review with the update appended at the bottom.

At nearly 20, Milo is an older chinchilla. He must be set in his ways because he never even tried running on his last wheel-- a metal saucer I expected to last him a lifetime. A year later, I found myself shopping again because the saucer was just a something to hide behind and place to collect dust.

I needed to find a comfortable, all metal wheel without seams on the track. The 16-inch ribbed Whisper Wheel by Pet Revolution checked all my boxes, so I placed the order. Then I immediately realized I selected the wrong color. An email to Pet Revolution assured me i would get the intended color. Now to just wait and worry.

Anything can happen when your place an order in mid December. It was no suprise when it took a bit over the typical two weeks for my order to show up. When it arrived, the color was right and the condition was perfect. The only surpise was the little party inside the box, complete with festive tissue paper, a fun treat, and some cute gifts for Milo's next photo shoot.

Side panel installation is recommended for stability, and that is easily done by one. But I had to experiement a few times (upper deck/lower deck, side/back, higher/lower). "Perfect. Oh wait, now it takes up too much space, back to the side." I'm sure Milo hates how my particular version of OCD drives me to change things until they are "just right!" Anyway, if you are going to try back mounting, it will be much simpler if you get help--especially if you have narrow bar spacing and are OCD about squaring the bracket with the bars.

Once it was placed, I waited to review the product because Milo didn't use it for two weeks--at least not with an audience. As of yesterday, however, he is training for a marathon. All I hear when he runs is a soft whoosh. Knowing it is making my chinchilla healthier and happier makes me happy too.

Finally, a word about price. Quality chinchilla products are costly. If you are like me, it can be tempting to try to cut corners, and sometimes you have to. But if you are able to spend a little more and get a great product, you won't find yourself shopping for it over and over. Chinchillas are long lived pets, and quality will save you money over their lifetime.

The update: It took my chinchilla two weeks to start running on it, but what really amazes me took a bit longer to become evident.
My chinchilla had never learned to run on the flying saucer wheel he had for the past year or so. He was just using it as a ledge.
I initially attributed his slowing down and being less interactive to aging, but he was also not doing much chewing.

Having the wheel has reversed all of that. Not only is he getting tons of exercise, but he is also chewing on his hut all the time (it is designed for that) and no longer running away and hiding when we reach into his cage. I love it.
I never would have expected the wheel to have mental health benefits, but I now recognize he was depressed and now is very happy!

Melinda J.
Wonderful Wheel for our Adult Rat

Our adult rat was gaining weight, and she never liked her small wheel. She was afraid of it and would push things on it to cover it up. Worried about her weight gain, we decided to make the investment for her health to purchase the highly rated Whisper Wheel. She was afraid of it at first, but by the 2nd week (after luring her on it with food), she would go on it on her own for a few seconds! We were amazed and thrilled. Now she runs on it on her own without a food reward! She is enjoying it! Thank you so much for such a great exercise wheel for our pet rat!

Sandra P.
Whisper Chinchilla Wheel

Our chinchilla loves the whisper 16” chinchilla wheel! It is excellent quality and worth every penny! I highly recommend this wheel!

Allen M.

WHISPER WHEEL™ by Pet Revolution | 16" x 5" | Silent Chinchilla Wheel | Rat Wheel | Degu Wheel

Delores D.
Best wheels

Love their wheels and customer service. Always recommend people here for rat wheels