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The SQUEAK! (Reviews)

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It's is pretty and sturdy!

I choose chillpad is because of all the curve that it provides, it would reduce the chance of cutting. The quality is great and sturdy, I got two so if it get warm my baby could have another one waiting for her to chill 😂
So far my baby love it ❤️

CN/Ferret Nation Cage Liners Fleece Deluxe

Wonderful quality! Fast shipping. Wish I would have ordered these long ago!

Please add more prints! Only reason I waited so long to order was because I kept checking back in to see if more print options available, but I got tired of waiting. While I am extremely happy with liners, I am young, clean, modern . . . would love liners that go better with my home decor?

Great chin wheel

The wheel is great, super quite and very easy to install. The only downside I found, it wobbles a lot when my chinchilla runs on it.

I love these products!!

Tiff & Kurt are amazing! I love my fleece liners! They fit really well and nothing has ever fallen apart. They always write a thank you and send little extras in the box ❤️.


I put the shelves upside down with some bedding material and find the rats sleeping there occasionally. Really nice quality and the customer service was awesome.

Wall hammock

My rats are getting so spoiled by your company. They love this hammock and I need to get more!

Metal ledge

These ledges are awesome! I actually put them upside down so I can out a little blanket on it and the rats won't slide off. They love it! And so easy to clean! Thank you Pet Revolution!

Bass pan liners

I purchased several of these and need to get more! The rats love them and they make it so much harder easier to keep the cages clean! Thanks Let Revolution!

Love it!

This is something that I have been looking this whole time! IT’S AMAZING! We been using bedding all this time and they always fall out so it’s a lot of work when cleaning, this not only saves money from purchasing tons of beddings but also time spent cleaning.


Absolutely great wheel for my chinchilla, she loves it! Very silent wheel! My little girl even loved the extra treats as well! If I could put more than 5 stars I would! I will be ordering more soon!


The liners are just wonderful. So soft, so easy to use, durable and beautiful. Thank you for the small and very precious gifts as well! Will absolutely buy from this business again!

Love this chill pad!

Matches perfectly with the wheel and the guards. Colors are beautiful!. Ledges, guards, wheels all attach securely with plenty of bolts. I am definitely buying another one!

Love the scatter guards!!!!

They fit my critter nation cage perfectly! Soooooo easy to install. I purchased the wheel in the ocean wave color and the guards in raspberry to match the fleece that I purchased….it looks super cute together!

The Comfiest Chins in Town

We are in love with our custom cuddle nest. We chose the flame fleece pattern for our 2 little badasses. I ordered a large & there's plenty of room! The quality is TOP NOTCH. A must-have!!

Returning customer!

The guards are perfectly designed and super easy to install. Kurt and Tiff are wonderful and my Mercutio loved the extra treats they included with my (second!) order. He’s still warming up to the hat, though.

Great wheel for rats!

I HIGHLY recommend this shop and the wheel. Customer service was phenomenal and the wheels are great for rats not only in size but Craftsmanship. This will definitely last for years to come.

Great chinchilla ledge

This metal ledge is such high quality, large and comes with bolts for secure attachment to the cage. I love how pet revolution has matching accessories (scatter guards) so my girl's cage can look matchy matchy

Love this wheel!!!

This wheel is super quiet, I have tried the Chin spin and this wheel surpasses every expectation that I had. It is light weight so when my chinchilla runs the cage does not shake like it is going to fall apart lol. Easy to attach and looks beautiful!. I had a couple of questions and their customer service team quickly responded to my emails. I will definitely be ordering the ledge and cage guards next!

Scatter guards for Critter Nation

The scatter guards fit perfectly in my critter nation cage. They help so much with keeping bedding and debris off the floor and they look great.
Thank you very much!

These Scatter Guards are a GAME CHANGER

I am so thrilled with these cage guards! They keep the mess inside and make cleaning so much easier. Should’ve bought these months ago!

doesn't fit

doesn't fit my ferret nation kit. checked again to make sure that's the name of mine and seems to be. looks like scrap for future projects for now

Absolutely amazing! So much care went into everything I received! Love the packaging and extra tr...

Love love everything! My chinchilla is loving the apple sticks and hay cubes! Like LOVES THEM! The little knit hat is so adorable! The cage pads are made so well they will definitely last along time! This place is awesome! I never write reviews, but I had to since it was just that great! Can’t wait to refer more snacks and need the ramp pads to match!

Love this silent exercise wheel

Makes hardly any noise.. true to its description.. my two chins got on it within few seconds.. they love it :)

The Best.

I have ordered several different prints of cage liners for my rat girls from Pet Revolution over this past year, and we always LOVE getting our packages! Not only is everything packaged beautifully with a lot of care, there are little treats that I think I enjoy as much as the rats and my son (the rat daddy) do! Plus the products are extremely well made and super cute. Great patterns!! Excellent customer service. Highly recommend!