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The SQUEAK! (Reviews)

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Very well-made!

Awesome experience. The long wait was definitely worth it!! The fleece liners are SO well-made, and they came with a bunch of little treats, that my floofy friends love. Can't wait to buy from here again.

Look great, should help a lot with new chins!

The cage guards look very nice and professional. I got the cutout set for the top and solid set for the bottom of my Critter Nation cage. My baby chins aren't here quite yet but I bet these will help a lot with keeping the cage and my office clean!

Loving how these look!!!

I got two 6" sets. One solid and one cutout. Really easy to set up and the hardware that screws them in place looks really nice on the outside as well. There was a small concern that was responded to right away. Very happy with everything I get from this shop.

Buy these!

These guards are amazing. My chinchillas are in a main room of my home so I needed the mess as contained as possible. These do not disappoint, they actually control any mess better than I ever expected, almost NOTHING makes it outside the cage. They are very high quality, super easy to put on and secure- they will not come off unless purposely removed which is perfect for these destructive little maniacs. I really wanted the black ones, figuring they’d be less of an eyesore, but the expected wait time was 6-8 weeks so I made the decision to get the new Ocean Wave color because it was in stock. I have no regrets. They look great, I’m so happy I didn’t wait for the black.
These guards are absolutely worth the price for the quality, look and effectiveness.

Our 6 month old chin, Maisy, is thrilled with her new wheel. We had previously purchased a different brand, but the product was so heavy and unbalanced that it made the entire cage tremble.

Your design and manufacturing are superior in every way and we (and Maisy) are so pleased. The wheel is light and strong with a silent spin and came with an extra bracing plate to help absorb the pitter-patter. Thanks for making such a high quality product and for the gracious gift of extra treats for our chin.

Excellent Product

Very well made wheel! Super easy to assemble & absolutely no noise. Still trying to get our little chinnie in it. ☺ The little extra's were quite special too. Thank you so much!

Kiwi loves her new WHEEL!

Thank you for the fabulous silent wheel! Kiwi is constantly running her little heart out on her new wheel! The wheel is perfect size for my chunky monkey and it’s so quiet! Installation was a breeze! Thank you for such a quality product!
Melissa n Kiwi


Perfect fit and great craftsmanship.

Perfect size! So silent!

This wheel was bought for my three little ratties. The cage is in my son’s room and I really wanted a quiet wheel so he wouldn’t wake up at night. This wheel is amazing! The size is perfect for a rat- no tail bending! And it delivers what it preaches- silence! I’m a very happy customer.

took a while to ship

An AMAZING wheel! 10/10 reccomend since I can now sleep with my chinchilla cage in my room again but it also took a fair bit to ship. I didn't get tracking until I emailed a couple days past the two week mark. Overall will be ordering again.

This box was so well put together and was packed with loads of goodies! The ledges are also pretty thick so they are sturdy.

Beautifully packed box!

My Chomper loved all his goodies, I also had a question about the snacks they answered quickly! They recommend a pinch of the goods once a week. This box is 100% Worth it, I really recommend for you to order this stuffer for Christmas it will last AWHILE! Though I only have one chinchilla, even with many this is all worth it. I loved the Free ledge that came with, so adorable with the etched snowflakes. My Chomper loves to sit on it. I also loved the way this package was packed... this couple really cares!

Chinchilla Cage Liners

The baby boys are very comfy in their cage. Sometimes they sleep right on top of the liner. The color is very pretty and the chins (and my pet rabbit) enjoyed the goodies that came with very much!!!

So cute!!!!

I'm going to need to get two more of these in a bigger size so they all cuddle together when they are no longer babies. It fits nicely into our carriers so can have comfort on the road. Handled well in the washer on a delicate cycle. We hung it to dry and it dried pretty quickly.

Super cute!

I received these the day before Christmas, they’re super cute and perfectly sized for my chinchillas! I got mine with the special metal name plates and they’re amazing! The box came with a bunch of little goodies and cute little hats for my boys! 5/5 on everything included in the box. Thank you so much!

Great Experience

Although I’m still trying to teach my girls (rats who have never had a wheel before) how to use it, the wheel itself is great. Pretty silent and easy as pie to install. The cutest thing was they sent some treats along with the wheel with a little card. It was SO cute! Definitely recommend both the wheel and the service.

16” Silent Wheel

Great wheel and awesome company! They got my order to me by Christmas! Our rat boys love it!! It’s so quiet and was so easy to install. Thanks for the goodie bag and adorable Christmas hat! I will be buying from your company again.

Chinchilla love

This wheel is awe! It doesn’t make ANY sound at all! Perfect!

Chinchilla love

Our chinchilla absolutely loves these! Wonderfully made and looks great in the cage!

Chins love these!

I bought these for my daughter for Xmas and at first she was nervous. She researched it thoroughly and then gave them to her chins. They LOVE them. Such a lovely, high quality treat!


I was so excited to receive my new fleece liners and my chinchilla loves them. Thank you so much

Absolutely fantastic!

This wheel is amazing! I bought it to replace one that squealed all the time and this wheel is ABSOLUTELY silent! It's fantastic!

Pet Revolution experience

Items arrived exactly as described. The cage scatter guards are very high quality, 100% satisfied, and will be purchasing products from Pet Revolution in the future!


These are the perfect fit and made of great quality material! I am incredibly pleased with my purchases! Thank you so much!

Fits perfectly!

My cage guards are perfect! I may order another set! They fit perfectly and were easy to put on. Plus the little gift in the box was a nice little addition. I love them.