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The SQUEAK! (Reviews)

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Best pan liners I've seen!

So happy that I stumbled on these after coming for the the cage guards. These pads are simply wonderful! Makes setup and cleaning of the cage so easy, and they're lasting longer than my diy ones by far. Have already outfitted my 2 double critter nations and am ordering a backup set now for between cleanings. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Very solid and well done

Rattos love these so much. The pouch is spacious and the gap is large so that they can all insist on being in it all at the same time with ease.

Joseph S.
Very sturdy and well done!

Great little nest beds, and the stitching is done in a fantastic modular format such that when your little monsters start eating it apart, only a section is at a time, and they have to start anew on the next, so dramatically extends the life.

High quality and looks great!

Very easy to install, very sturdy, and looks great, and probably most important, not much for the rattos to chew apart.

I love these cage liners.

I’ve ordered 2 of the 4x2 liners for the bottom part of my guinea cage. These are great liners. They came packaged nicely. It took about a month to get here. Really soft, very absorbent, and wash well in the washing machine. I pay a little extra to get the waterproof lining on the bottom. It’s totally worth it since I have 3 guinea’s. It really helps with cleaning. I would definitely recommend these liners.

Deluxe double -love it.

Great experience!! Also order the shelves and they are great as well

Wonderful as Always

I will never get liners from anywhere else! The quality is beyond amazing and the fleece colors are beautiful and as pictured. I love this shop and would recommend it to anyone with small animals. The time and care put into everything is apparent. My boys love burrowing under the liners.

Unexpected surprise!!

I have ordered cage liners twice from pet revolution. The second time I ordered I ordered only two ramp covers instead of three.I contacted the shop and ,with their help , figured out how to order the third one. I also ordered cage guards ( which I love !!) and was able to ship them together. To my surprise- there was also a cage hammock and the packaging was so thoughtful along with the two knit hats !! So much care and time given. So appreciated ! Thanks for a wonderful product and love and care that is given to your orders !!

Excellent liners

Very nicely made gage liners


Piggys love running through tunnel

Always Happy with our Orders!!

Thank you, thank you for our beautiful Hedgehog Chin cage liners and cage guards!! We are also so happy with our orders and will continue to be a repeat customers for many years to come!! The personal touches are so awesome and really make our day!!


This is such a great business. Not only do they have amazing products for my pets the customer service is the best !!

I used to clip fleece and Uhaul blankets to our critter nation trays with binder clips. It was a fussy process, the binder clips inevitably got gross, and I was worried that my three baby boy rats would probe for weak spots in my construction and destroy them. These liners are a dream! We love the quilted uhaul blanket inside and they're incredibly plush. When the package came, I was folding them for storage and the boys kept on interrupting, they couldn't wait to have them in the cage. We got two sets so that one could be in the cage while the other was washed. They're an investment but worth it since our rats haven't been prone to chewing, I think we'll get great use out of them when following the care instructions.

Love these for rats!

I have old rats and these are great for helping them get around the cage easily. They're very sturdy and easy to clean. Pet Revolution packaged them really nicely with all the hardware in one bag, and wrapped up securely.


The cage liners are amazing! They fit each tray perfectly and they look beautiful! Ellie and poppy approve (though only Ellie sat still long enough for a hat photo shoot)

Price is ridiculous it’s almost the same price as the actual cage it’s totally overpriced

The best liners!

I’ve been buying from this shop for a couple years now and it’s the only place I go! Outstanding quality and adorable fleece.

Great stuff

Everything came super quickly, and it all is great quality. I haven't gotten my rats yet, but their habitat is set up. Everything fits great.

So Happy

I love, love, love these cage liners. They make it simple to change the liners and I don't have messes or any bad smells. You just slide the cage liners on the tray, and you're done. The soft liners are easy on their feet too! Definitely I would order again.

Mealworms for Months!

I always buy mealworms for my rats from Pet Revolution! I know they're safe and my boys absolutely love them. And even with four constantly starving (at least in their opinion) rats, this bag will last for ages!


These scatter guards have been absolutely amazing! I cannot thank Tiff enough for the help I got. I was accidentally gifted the wrong type and Tiff got everything sorted out for me in next to no time! My girls are loving the new addition to their home.

Great Products and Great Customer Service

We ordered Deluxe Critter Nation Cage liners for our 4 rats and the 6inch scatter guard. The scatter guard has been a life saver (no more little rat turds all over our floor!), and the pads are so cute. I usually make my own pads, but decided to splurge and save myself some decision EVER!

The best part of the experience was that we some how did not receive the trim in our first order (the packaged just didn't arrive). PetRevolution not only sent us another order, but also included an adorable little hide box that our little ratties love! Thank you for a wonderful experience...we will order from you again!

single unit set

very misleading product page. For $100 you get one(1) level. The picture shows a whole cage. I thought since there is only one option as far as "sets" that the picture showed a set.

New Happy Customer

Product was exactly as ordered but what got me the most was all the little extras. The stickers on the box, the fabric wrapped in cute bundles tied with twine and a card, the extra goody bag for my ratties. Made me feel special. Thank you so much!

Best Chinchilla supplies out there!!!

After a few hiccups, we finally got the order resolved and all the pieces. If I could figure out how to change my prior review, I would.
We got it all, guards, liners and a wheel. The liners are beyond amazing and make it so much easier to clean up as opposed to the pine shavings. My kiddos do it now which is a huge win. The packages just make me happy from the sweet polka dot paper and fun stickers to the little hats and treats. Seriously cannot go wrong. It was worth the wait!