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The SQUEAK! (Reviews)

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Love these for rats!

I have old rats and these are great for helping them get around the cage easily. They're very sturdy and easy to clean. Pet Revolution packaged them really nicely with all the hardware in one bag, and wrapped up securely.


The cage liners are amazing! They fit each tray perfectly and they look beautiful! Ellie and poppy approve (though only Ellie sat still long enough for a hat photo shoot)

Price is ridiculous it’s almost the same price as the actual cage it’s totally overpriced

The best liners!

I’ve been buying from this shop for a couple years now and it’s the only place I go! Outstanding quality and adorable fleece.

Great stuff

Everything came super quickly, and it all is great quality. I haven't gotten my rats yet, but their habitat is set up. Everything fits great.

So Happy

I love, love, love these cage liners. They make it simple to change the liners and I don't have messes or any bad smells. You just slide the cage liners on the tray, and you're done. The soft liners are easy on their feet too! Definitely I would order again.

Mealworms for Months!

I always buy mealworms for my rats from Pet Revolution! I know they're safe and my boys absolutely love them. And even with four constantly starving (at least in their opinion) rats, this bag will last for ages!


These scatter guards have been absolutely amazing! I cannot thank Tiff enough for the help I got. I was accidentally gifted the wrong type and Tiff got everything sorted out for me in next to no time! My girls are loving the new addition to their home.

Great Products and Great Customer Service

We ordered Deluxe Critter Nation Cage liners for our 4 rats and the 6inch scatter guard. The scatter guard has been a life saver (no more little rat turds all over our floor!), and the pads are so cute. I usually make my own pads, but decided to splurge and save myself some decision EVER!

The best part of the experience was that we some how did not receive the trim in our first order (the packaged just didn't arrive). PetRevolution not only sent us another order, but also included an adorable little hide box that our little ratties love! Thank you for a wonderful experience...we will order from you again!

single unit set

very misleading product page. For $100 you get one(1) level. The picture shows a whole cage. I thought since there is only one option as far as "sets" that the picture showed a set.

New Happy Customer

Product was exactly as ordered but what got me the most was all the little extras. The stickers on the box, the fabric wrapped in cute bundles tied with twine and a card, the extra goody bag for my ratties. Made me feel special. Thank you so much!

Best Chinchilla supplies out there!!!

After a few hiccups, we finally got the order resolved and all the pieces. If I could figure out how to change my prior review, I would.
We got it all, guards, liners and a wheel. The liners are beyond amazing and make it so much easier to clean up as opposed to the pine shavings. My kiddos do it now which is a huge win. The packages just make me happy from the sweet polka dot paper and fun stickers to the little hats and treats. Seriously cannot go wrong. It was worth the wait!

My piggies' favorite bedding

Delivery took a little longer than expected, but I knew I was getting a custom made product so I was patient. Once the bedding arrived I opened it up and my first thought was it was so soft and seemed like such good quality. I set my girls up with this new bedding and they have been in heaven all week. Mabel loves the little pocket and I find her snuggled in there every morning. She is a skinny pig so she likes to snuggle. I found Waddles snuggled with her this morning ❤️. We are so pleased with this cage liner and I would recommend it to any guinea pig parent. They'll love it!

Update: mental health benefits?

I previously reviewed the 16 x 5 ribbed wheel which is awesome. This is the old review with the update appended at the bottom.

At nearly 20, Milo is an older chinchilla. He must be set in his ways because he never even tried running on his last wheel-- a metal saucer I expected to last him a lifetime. A year later, I found myself shopping again because the saucer was just a something to hide behind and place to collect dust.

I needed to find a comfortable, all metal wheel without seams on the track. The 16-inch ribbed Whisper Wheel by Pet Revolution checked all my boxes, so I placed the order. Then I immediately realized I selected the wrong color. An email to Pet Revolution assured me i would get the intended color. Now to just wait and worry.

Anything can happen when your place an order in mid December. It was no suprise when it took a bit over the typical two weeks for my order to show up. When it arrived, the color was right and the condition was perfect. The only surpise was the little party inside the box, complete with festive tissue paper, a fun treat, and some cute gifts for Milo's next photo shoot.

Side panel installation is recommended for stability, and that is easily done by one. But I had to experiement a few times (upper deck/lower deck, side/back, higher/lower). "Perfect. Oh wait, now it takes up too much space, back to the side." I'm sure Milo hates how my particular version of OCD drives me to change things until they are "just right!" Anyway, if you are going to try back mounting, it will be much simpler if you get help--especially if you have narrow bar spacing and are OCD about squaring the bracket with the bars.

Once it was placed, I waited to review the product because Milo didn't use it for two weeks--at least not with an audience. As of yesterday, however, he is training for a marathon. All I hear when he runs is a soft whoosh. Knowing it is making my chinchilla healthier and happier makes me happy too.

Finally, a word about price. Quality chinchilla products are costly. If you are like me, it can be tempting to try to cut corners, and sometimes you have to. But if you are able to spend a little more and get a great product, you won't find yourself shopping for it over and over. Chinchillas are long lived pets, and quality will save you money over their lifetime.

The update: It took my chinchilla two weeks to start running on it, but what really amazes me took a bit longer to become evident.
My chinchilla had never learned to run on the flying saucer wheel he had for the past year or so. He was just using it as a ledge.
I initially attributed his slowing down and being less interactive to aging, but he was also not doing much chewing.

Having the wheel has reversed all of that. Not only is he getting tons of exercise, but he is also chewing on his hut all the time (it is designed for that) and no longer running away and hiding when we reach into his cage. I love it.
I never would have expected the wheel to have mental health benefits, but I now recognize he was depressed and now is very happy!

Pet Revolution Liners, Hammock, and Guard

Everything came in fantastic quality and nothing was missing. exactly as advertised. would recommend to any small pet owner as an alternative to the garbage on amazon.

Wonderful Shop! The quality of the fleece liners is perfect and so is the Chillpad. Friendly sellers who care about their pet customers. And they go the extra mile with the packaging and they even added little freebies for Farley the Chinchilla! Very thoughtful. You put a lot of love and care into your business and we sure do appreciate it! Thank you!

We LOVE It!!

My boy Misto absolutely adores his new cage liners! He is getting older and has lost a bit of his fur, so the burrowing liners are perfect for him --they're extra plush and make moving around easier on his joints, and the burrowing space gives him extra places to snuggle up and get warm. They're high quality and were so easy to install. We couldn't be happier with our purchase! Here are a few pictures of Misto inspecting and approving the finished product :)

Very durable and adorable

These are going great. My little rats annoyingly already started chewing on them, but it is certainly holding up FAR BETTER than any other product I've tried. The split cover is a genius idea as I do feel it has deterred them from even more chewing. The packaging, communication, and extra toys are always amazing and I am a lifetime customer.

Awesome experience

The ledge was huge and so nice. Love the unique color. My chinchilla loves the metal ledge and the fleece one. Very good quality!!!

Buy it!

I love this fleece! shipping does take a while but it’s worth the wait! even came with a few gifts, definitely going to buy more and recommend!

Cage accessories

We LOVE the scatter guards for our cage. The cage is the best and the guards really keep rat tails safe from our cats and dogs, plus they keep all debris inside the cage!

Luffa treats

Being woken up by a noisy snow plow can be scary but a luffa treat sure helps!

Wonderful Wheel for our Adult Rat

Our adult rat was gaining weight, and she never liked her small wheel. She was afraid of it and would push things on it to cover it up. Worried about her weight gain, we decided to make the investment for her health to purchase the highly rated Whisper Wheel. She was afraid of it at first, but by the 2nd week (after luring her on it with food), she would go on it on her own for a few seconds! We were amazed and thrilled. Now she runs on it on her own without a food reward! She is enjoying it! Thank you so much for such a great exercise wheel for our pet rat!

Skoll in his Cuddle Nest

I thought I’d send along a picture of Sköll in his new bed. It arrived today and it’s a perfect fit! This is his second: A while ago, I bought an XL for him to sleep in at night on my bed and he loved it. This one is for my office so he can keep me company while I'm working from home and keep warm at the same time. It's a large and it fits him so well he won't leave it! (I’m giving one to my parents for their dog, too) Thank you!!

So useful :)

I bought these a few months back but never had a chance to review them. I love these so much! Hasn't stopped the girls from finding a way to chew them but they're still such great quality and still hold up well. They're very sturdy too. Definitely will be buying more in the future :)