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15/10 Best purchase EVER

I was searching for a bedding alternative for my two chinchillas because the loose bedding I was using before was so incredibly messy and such a hassle to clean.
These liners have been a godsend, they are washer friendly and have cut down my daily cleaning, not to mention the fleece design is super cute. 😊😊

Pet Revolution® SCATTER GUARDS for Critter Nation & Ferret Nation Cages

Unbelievable quality and softness

We ordered the full cage liner set for our ferrets, x-large cuddle nest and a pad for top of the cage. The ferrets are in heaven!! The quality and workmanship of the items are unbelievable! Such amazing quality! The items were packaged in the cutest tissue paper as well. These liners and beds are so much nicer than what you would get from a large retailer. The fleece and padding are luxurious.

Love this shop! Never disappointed

The fleece was very cute and very well made. I love how they add in little suprises and they wrap everything so beautiful. I never shop anywhere else for liners!


Oh my gosh! I love the chinchilla wheel as much as my chin loves it. Since we installed it, he practically lives on the wheel. It’s so cute to see that little booty bounce in it! It’s so silent too!! Thank you!

Everything that I needed

This is a very well made product, and super-easy to install. It keeps the vast majority of litter from falling out of the cage, even though my rats initially seemed to see it as a challenge and started piling litter against it, almost none came out. Two thumbs up! An added bonus-- it looks great!

New Fan!

Everything I bought is awesome! I love how the fleece is lined with the u-haul material. Makes the clean up super easy! Definitely will be buying more! My chin also appreciates the extra goodies packed with my order. Thank you!

Amazing Bed!

I did take a not do good photo of her cube. We put rose petals an an alfalfa cube from Pet Revolution in it.

This cube is so wonderful and BIG. Two chinchillas could easily snuggle up in here.

I have been outfitting a double Critter Nation for my chinchilla Josephine. I chose purple paisley fleece #23 for her cage. The backing is a lovely turquoise color.

I just cannot tell you how adorable this all is. Is it expensive to outfit a cage? Yes, but it’s worth it. Buy a piece at a time.

The most useful item I’ve purchased is the water drip pad.

We love everything.

Great service

Great service. Received quickly. RJ loved the free gift, as pictured.

your service and your packaging is fantastic

I think you do a great job and service for people that love their little friends and you package the items up very nice. you can tell you care, thank you pauline

Very cute liners for my chinchilla.
Love the packaging.

The “Boys” just lovin’ their neon !

We just love the new, exciting colors and patterns that you are constantly sharing with us ! Tiff is the greatest with her phenomenal Communication skills ! Just love her ❤️

Perfect for my crazy chins

My chinchillas love this new wheel, keeps them slightly quieter when they are at their peak of activity in the middle of the night. Most wheels that were large enough for them were incredibly expensive, this one is very reasonable and great quality!

My cat rarely leaves it!

My cat Bella is constantly cuddling and curling up under any blanket she can find. She loves this cuddle nest and when she first saw it wouldnt leave it for hours!! So worth it for a happy cat!

Best packaging ever

Our order arrived a couple weeks late due to snow storm delays although the automated system doesn't realize that and has been kind of obnoxiously persistent in demanding a review of a product I had not yet received. Once it did arrive, however, I was delighted with the cute tissue paper topper that made it feel like I was opening a present and then the bigger surprise of an actual gift of treats and a coupon, and the world's smallest beanie adorably wrapped.

Unfortunately, since the hardware is bundled in those treat bags I only received enough to mount one wheel even though I ordered and received two. I am heading to the hardware store now to purchase washers and wingnuts and don't expect they will be too hard to track down, but am a bit disappointed at having to do so.

Construction wise, the wheels seem sturdy and safe. They look quite easy to assemble, no instructions required. I'm sure the kids will love them!

Scatter Guards 4 inch- ocean wave

I recently purchased the Cage Guards for critter nation cage. 4 inch in ocean wave. They arrived on time. Packaged nicely to keep them safe. Easy to install. They look great. 😍 They work great too. Not all the poop stays inside the cage but it's 90 % better. Love it.

Absolutely love my pan liners!!

This is the best thing I have ordered for my chinchillas. The cage pan liners are of excellent quality and craftsmanship. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!


Love the shelf liners! Well made and our rats love them. I wish I could give more stars. I will definitely be purchasing again.

It’s still hasn’t been delivered

Love this shop

They have the best stuff and my ratties always love anything I get. The owners are fabulous.


Beautifully made! Unfortunately my little monsters have already chewed through it. But the quality is gorgeous and I will definitely purchase again!

Needed to be wider

This item took forever to ship (a month). The item arrived with a sample goody bag. Is silent. It is a fine product, but lost some stars due to two main issues; took a long time to arrive and most importantly it needs to be wider. My chinchillas are all full grown adults and are all too wide for this wheel. Unfortunately it will not work for me and will resell it.

Plush! Plush! Plush!

Nothing made me happier today than receiving my order from Pet Revolution. I ordered the single-floor, burrowing liners and the fabric, fit and quality are superb. My girls are going to love cuddling on pure plush luxury. These may not be the least expensive option, but are without a doubt, the perfect accessory for your babies crib. Buy some now.

The Mercedes-Benz of exercise wheels!

I just received my new 14" wheel for my two rats and while it's definitely the premium option, it's worth it. The construction and silent-running of this wheel makes it without a doubt, the Mercedes-Benz of exercise wheels. The coating and surface will make this also easy to sanitize. Now if they could make a human sized one.


We are absolutely thrilled with our liners! Worth the wait for sure! Currently trying to figure out what design I want for a third pair! Lol

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