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The SQUEAK! (Reviews)

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Whisper wheel for squirrels

Lovely piece of work and super easy to install once I looked in the bag of very cute goodies and found the bolt top things. In the bag were three teeny knit caps and I can’t wait until I get my next baby squirrels to outfit them with these.
Super nice company!

Courtney E.
So cute!

My girls love their bed! I can't believe the size of it! I adore it and they do too!

Love these!

These liners are perfect! They fit great and are so well made. You can tell they put time and love into them. I bought the ones with ties and I'm reallyhappy I did. Can't wait to get more!

My ferrets love it!

Thanks so much for getting this up to Canada, the boys love it and its so cuuute!

My ferrets love it!

Great product and shop owner helped shit it out to canada for me! thank you so much!

PLAY Cuddle Tunnel
Courtney E.
So worth every penny!!

My girls love this tunnel! It's so much bigger and higher quality then I could have imagined. They jumped on the top of it when playing and I thought I would have to fix it but it sprung back up again. I'm so glad I decided to grab this and will be getting another in the near future!

We’ve been searching for an affordable and quality wheel for our chinchillas for such a long time. So happy to have found Pet Revolution. You made our little ones very happy.

My Chinchilla Loves It!

I appreciate the great customer service, and the fast shipping! My chinchilla loves his new wheel. You cannot hear it at all! Thank you so much.

very durable and big wheel

my chinchilla loves it she was scared at first but now she jumps in while it’s spinning still lol. super quiet too which is what i needed tysm


I am in love with the slide in liners for the Critter Nation cages. Keeps the smell down, easy clean, and no messy trays! Always amazing products. <3

My girl's favorite hammock!

She loves it! And I love that it comes off easy for washing

Whisper Wheel

Fast shipping, quality product, well packed, extra goodies a nice touch. If it continues to impress I will be upgrading all the wheels at the rescue to these!

Love the covers!

Love these covers. They are thick, soft and durable. Well worth the money compared to others covers that just don't stand up to daily wear. Easy to wash. We have two sets to rotate. Also love the scatter guards!

I love this shop!

I love this shops products and great customer service. My rats love their wheels and ledges. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Very Nice Exercise Wheel

This is a very nice wheel and super quiet. My chin loves to run at night so this wheel is perfect. Also, thank you for the treats that were enclosed.

Silent wheel

My chin, Lenny, loves his wheel. Uses it several times a day and I can barely hear him. I loved it so much i just bought the smaller version for each of my hedgehogs. I also love the cage liners. They are beautifully crafted. And hold up well. Both the hedgies and chin love them. The team at Pet Revolution has always been amazing to work with. Every attention to detail is paid and they have amazing customer service


Purchased two with name plates for our chinchillas and the are adorable! Can’t wait to stuff them and hang them in our cage for the holidays. Not only are the products wonderful, I’ve never experience friendlier or more generous customer service. Thank you so much for your kindness and the lovely extras that you sent!


Excellent customer service. Great product.
Love it. Will order more.


My chins absolutely love their new wheel! It is so quiet! We are so appreciative of the little goodie bag as well! What a great customer experience all around!! Will definitely buy from again and recommend to my friends! Thank you again!!

Wonderful cage liners

I am very impressed with the cage liners I received! They are so soft and comfy and the idea of adding the u-haul blanket material is genius! The liners are sturdy and well made. Very impressive all around. And the mealworms? How did you know they are my favorite? 😁

Fleece cage liners

I ordered a full set for my critter nation cage. The pink plaid is lovely looking in the cage and I love the pocket. MARiella and GEorgette loved the treats. They fit better than any others I've purchased from Amazon or Etsy. I'm happy to have found Pet Reveloution. Satisfied customer.

Another beautiful and perfect set of liners!

I have an addiction to buying from this shop! Everything is so cutesy and quality!!

The treat bag was the icing on the cake thank you 😊

It’s perfect and quite! So quite I can hardly believe it!
The treat bag is about the cutest thing ever and do thoughtful too and like I said above it is the icing on a beautiful cake 🙌🏼🥰☺️

Loved by the chin who’s afraid of everything

Easy to attach to the cage, it’s relatively quite, and is used often by my two chins. One took to it right away. The other chinchilla is usually nervous around new toys but surprisingly hopped on three days after I put it in. So if she approves, I have to approve.

It's is pretty and sturdy!

I choose chillpad is because of all the curve that it provides, it would reduce the chance of cutting. The quality is great and sturdy, I got two so if it get warm my baby could have another one waiting for her to chill 😂
So far my baby love it ❤️